Who are we?

A lot of businesses enter the market to solve a problem and we solve the problems of those businesses. Nautone takes a major chunk of work off their plate by taking care of their sales, marketing and support needs while they focus on making their product better.

We believe from our heart that innovative and groundbreaking businesses such as yours should focus on the product while we play with the numbers and help them head northwards.

What is it we want to achieve?

We are here to vaporize (you can probably imagine all your business problems going up in smoke) the three main problems that a business faces even if their product is amazing. Nautone aims to be the one-stop shop for any business by serving them from A to Z in terms of marketing, sales and support.

Where do we want to be?

We want our clients to be at the top and we want to take them there in an amazing ride. Our priority has always been getting businesses from naught to one. Just to put it in numbers, we want to serve the sales and marketing needs of at least 10,000 businesses by the end of 2026. We would love to have you as a part of this amazing community and grow together with us.

Humans That We Rely On

We at Nautone don’t have any own product. Our team is our biggest asset that brings us every victory that we taste. We are currently a pack of almost 50 enthusiastic youngsters looking to disrupt the market.

We don’t usually go by fancy titles, but here it is for the record.

He is our head honcho. Every member of our vibrant team is handpicked by him personally. He is often found roaming the office pulling the leg of anyone he comes across, And oh! He is an expert DJ. Whenever you want suggestions for your playlist, he is your go-to man.

Sri Ethiraj Alagananthan

Founder, CEO

He is a self-confessed mountain person. The pattern of the cliffs and the hugs from the cloud drive him to a sense of calmness. Whenever he isn’t trekking or loving mountains, he spends time motivating others and helping them see the best in themselves.

Vijayakumar Pushparaj

Business Head, Operations & Digital Marketing Services

You can never see a guy more vibrant than him. It is really hard to keep him tied to his chair, maybe that is why he is too good in sales. He can lift your spirits even when you are morally down.

PS: Bug him if you want any sales tips for you, he really kills in that department.

Shrivatsav Bhat

Business Head, Digital Marketing Sales

He is an amalgamation of youth, experience and knowledge. He gets along with the team so well that you can’t even tell who is the boss from outside. You can find him in our office lobby always running away with his laptop in one hand and his mobile in the other.

Andrew Jervis

Business Head, Ecommerce Sales